Sound is not only what you hear.It's show time!

Sound and Stage is a company in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, engaged in import and export with DAS-Audio as the main brand. The quality, as well as the passion that the brand represents, applies equally to Sound and Stage.


Sound and Stage




Brand Identity
Web Design
DTP / Marketing Material
Project Management


Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The project

Designing the brand identity and website for a dynamic import-export company specializing in premier audio solutions, with DAS-Audio as its flagship brand, presents several exciting challenges and opportunities to showcase the company’s expertise, innovation, and commitment to quality.

DAS-Audio is a renowned brand known for its cutting-edge audio solutions, catering to discerning clients in various industries worldwide. As the premier audio solutions provider, the company prides itself on innovation, superior sound quality, and reliability. The challenge in this project is to encapsulate these core values in both the brand identity and website design.

⸺ Reflect Innovation

The brand identity and website should convey the company's innovative approach to audio solutions. It should visually communicate the brand's commitment to staying ahead of the curve in technology and design.

⸺ Emphasize Quality

DAS-Audio is synonymous with superior sound quality. The design should evoke a sense of excellence and craftsmanship, reflecting the company's dedication to delivering top-tier products and services.

⸺ Global Appeal

Being an import-export company, the brand needs to appeal to a diverse, international audience. The design should be culturally sensitive and resonate with customers across different regions and demographics.

⸺ Seamless User Experience

The website should not only showcase DAS-Audio's and other knowproduct range but also provide an intuitive and user-friendly experience. Visitors should easily find information about products, technical specifications, and support services.

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⸺ Visual Identity

Develop a sleek and modern visual identity that reflects the sophistication and innovation synonymous with DAS-Audio. Utilize a contemporary color palette and typography that exudes professionalism and luxury.

⸺ High-Quality Imagery

Showcase DAS-Audio products using high-resolution images and videos that highlight their design, performance, and versatility. Incorporate multimedia elements to create an immersive experience for website visitors.

⸺ Dynamic Branding Elements

Incorporate dynamic elements into the brand identity to convey the company's forward-thinking nature. This could include animated logos or interactive design elements that engage users and reinforce the brand's innovative image.

⸺ Responsive Design

Optimize the website for various devices and screen sizes to deliver a seamless browsing experience. Implement responsive design principles to adapt the layout and functionality based on the user's device, whether it's a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Marketing material

Designing material for printing, such as flyers, mugs, and t-shirts, demands a keen understanding of both visual aesthetics and practicality. For flyers, bold graphics and succinct messaging are key to grabbing attention and conveying information effectively. When designing mugs, consideration should be given to the placement of logos or designs to ensure visibility when in use.

Similarly, for t-shirts, the design should be eye-catching and relevant to the brand while also considering factors like size variations and printing techniques. In all cases, maintaining brand consistency across materials is crucial for cohesive marketing efforts. By combining creativity with practical considerations, the designed material can effectively promote the brand and leave a lasting impression on the audience.